SL/CE Development & Support

Upcoming & recorded professional development opportunities. An invitation to hear students’ voices at this year’s USC Upstate Research Symposium. And reminders of how OSL/CE supports officially designated SL, SE, & CE courses. SL/CE Course ShowcaseFriday, 4/1; CLC 309; Lunch @ 11:45, Sessions @ 12. Check out the related blog post! Come hear stories from yourContinue reading “SL/CE Development & Support”

SL/CE Roundtable

Join us Tuesday, February 1 from 2:30-3:30 for a roundtable discussion with some of Upstate’s SL/CE stars. Join Michele Covington (Criminal Justice), Tasha Thomas (English), and Ginny Webb (Biology) in discussing their favorite SL/CE projects, retention & SL/CE, and MORE! We’ve shifted to virtual format. Join us via Bb or dial in @ 571-392-7650 usingContinue reading “SL/CE Roundtable”

Collaboratory Update & Participation Award Drawing

Maria Montesó and Ron Patane have each won $50 Upstate Bookstore gift cards in our first Collaboratory Participation Award Drawing. Each month this spring, two $50 Upstate Bookstore gift cards will be awarded to randomly selected faculty & staff who own one or more published community engagement activities in Collaboratory. At the Reimagine Summit, aContinue reading “Collaboratory Update & Participation Award Drawing”

SL/CE & Retention: What the Research Shows

Retention is a natural component of service-learning. We have long known that students persist and achieve better when they are actively engaged in their learning, rather than being passive recipients of imparted knowledge (Astin, 1992, Kuh, 2005, Tinto 2006). Service-learning offers transformational experiences (Eyler & Giles, 1999) by placing students in a constant state ofContinue reading “SL/CE & Retention: What the Research Shows”

SL/CE Updates & Support

Following some lean SL/CE during the uncertainty of COVID, we have 23 courses registered as Service Learning, Service Engagement, or Community Engagement this Spring! We are delighted to be growing back toward offering our students a wide array of retention enhancing, meaning-filled, and career-skill focused opportunities to interact with our community on a reciprocal basis.Continue reading “SL/CE Updates & Support”

Workshop Invitation – Getting started with SL/CE

Join us Tuesday, November 2 from 2:30-3:30 for a Getting Started with SL/CE workshop. We’re celebrating our new normal with a (safely socially distanced) face-to-face conversation. Planned topics include: NEW Community-Engaged course designation SL/CE as a RETENTION strategy Of course, you are encouraged to bring any thoughts, ideas, and or questions you may have relatingContinue reading “Workshop Invitation – Getting started with SL/CE”