Sweep the Shoals

Volunteering Opportunity Litter pick up at Glendale Shoals351 Broadway St., SpartanburgSaturday, February, 119:00-11:00 Heavy rains bring heavy litter. Help remove unsightly and harmful litter from our beautiful Glendale Shoals. We’ll collect litter and contribute the data to the Litter-Free Digital Journal. Register here so that we can have necessary supplies on hand: croussos@spartanburgcounty.org

Homelessness to Opportunity

by Suzanne Floyd, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Follow one student’s journey from homelessness to serving the homeless community in service learning course, WGST 101. If you need help, connect with our Community Resource Coordinator! From Homelessness to Serving with Opportunity Housing I had no home when I moved to South Carolina in fall 2011 from theContinue reading “Homelessness to Opportunity”

Volunteer in Spring 2023

Strengthen your resume, self-development, satisfaction, and even grades by volunteering this Spring (Barton, et al, 2019). Some opportunities are highlighted below. For more, talk to Dr. Deb Kladivko, Associate Director of Leadership and Service! A Day “ON” Make MLK Day “a ON, not a day off!” Join IMPACT, the United Way, and many others. FindContinue reading “Volunteer in Spring 2023”

SL/CE Classes Spring ’23

Want better grades, a higher sense of involvement, greater satisfaction with school, and practical application of career skills? Research shows Service Learning and Community Engagement (SL/CE) courses help with all of these. We invite you to take a Service Learning (SL), Service Engagement (SE), or Community Engagement (CE) course in Spring 2023. Try a SL/CE inContinue reading “SL/CE Classes Spring ’23”

GSP Mock Disaster Press Conference

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Disaster Drill Communication students and faculty (and a few other Upstate folks) participated in a press conference as part of a training-focused mock emergency at GSP in early October. Students served as members of the press corps for the communications division at GSP, asking questions relevant to the mock disaster and making notesContinue reading “GSP Mock Disaster Press Conference”