Volunteer in Spring 2023

Strengthen your resume, self-development, satisfaction, and even grades by volunteering this Spring (Barton, et al, 2019).

Some opportunities are highlighted below. For more, talk to Dr. Deb Kladivko, Associate Director of Leadership and Service!

A Day “ON”

Make MLK Day “a ON, not a day off!” Join IMPACT, the United Way, and many others. Find volunteer opportunities here & a flyer here. Use your Upstate email address to get credit for your service!

Survey at Local Events

Attend an arts or cultural event in Spartanburg County and collect surveys designed to measure the economic impact of such events in our area.
With the Chapman Cultural Center
– For dates & other details, email Lauren Friedrich

Usher at CCC Theater

Sign-up to usher for live shows with Ballet Spartanburg, Spartanburg Little Theatre, Spartanburg Youth Theatre and Spartanburg Philharmonic. Ushers get to enjoy the show as part of their service.

Also consider signing up for a service or community engaged course this Spring!

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