SL/CE in U101 in Fall ’22

Support U101. Visit the Sharing our Service event Thursday 11/17. U101 peer leaders share posters about their section’s community projects! Great things are happening in University 101: Introduction to the University. Every U101 section does ~4 hours of service. The U101 program has a whole will celebrate their experience with an event open to all.Continue reading “SL/CE in U101 in Fall ’22”

Spring ’23 Class List

Please join me in celebrating the resurgence of SL/CE courses for our students. As of this writing, we have 27 unique sections officially designated as SL/CE – rebounding from our COVID induced low of 4 sections in Spring 2021. SL/CE courses offer students significant benefits including increased GPAs, higher retention, higher satisfaction, enhanced critical thinking,Continue reading “Spring ’23 Class List”

SL/CE Menu: SL, SE, CE

Wanting to celebrate and track the breadth of community-connected offerings we provide at Upstate, the Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement has developed three distinct designations for courses that stand out with regard to our community.* We want to track SL/CE activity to reward faculty who invest in this important pedagogy and to demonstrateContinue reading “SL/CE Menu: SL, SE, CE”

Practicums, Clinicals, and Internships (PCIs) as CE

We recognize the immense value of experiential learning in developing career readiness in our students. Seeking to celebrate and support this without duplicating the important work already being done by various units, we distinguish Community-Engaged PCIs from others per the following criteria: To be eligible for SL/CE funding, CE PCIs must also demonstrate guided reflectionContinue reading “Practicums, Clinicals, and Internships (PCIs) as CE”

SL/CE Classes Spring ’23

Want better grades, a higher sense of involvement, greater satisfaction with school, and practical application of career skills? Research shows Service Learning and Community Engagement (SL/CE) courses help with all of these. We invite you to take a Service Learning (SL), Service Engagement (SE), or Community Engagement (CE) course in Spring 2023. Try a SL/CE inContinue reading “SL/CE Classes Spring ’23”