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#SEL Day

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has gotten a lot of attention in education...especially since March 2020. But how can you implement SEL in your classroom in a way that fits the content and your teaching style? Join us on March 22 from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm in Collaborate to learn how!

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Active Learning and Career Competencies

Image from  By Jennifer Bland College graduates become community leaders and leaders in their professions. They take on roles where they make independent decisions and create new solutions. They transform coursework and textbook knowledge into lifelong dreams. Active learning strategies can be an important way to give students practice with the professional roles they'll take … Continue reading Active Learning and Career Competencies

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Feburary Faculty Spotlight

Want to give someone a shout-out? Email! While it made sense to couple a course redesign with the adoption and creation of free, Open Educational Resource (OER) materials, it resulted in Shannon Polchow, Professor of Spanish, having a very busy Summer 2021. Through her work in the Engaged Pedagogy & Hybrid Course Institute with … Continue reading Feburary Faculty Spotlight

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Connecting the Dots for a Clearer Picture

Image adapted from the artwork of gapingvoid, (Source) By Toni DiMella Higher education is a key factor in creating economic mobility as the majority of “good jobs”, as defined by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, require at least a bachelor’s degree (Carnevale et al., 2017; Carnevale et al., 2018). This economic … Continue reading Connecting the Dots for a Clearer Picture

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Using Social-Emotional Learning to Improve Student Career Readiness

By Kristen Stevenson The USC Upstate Moving UP QEP focuses on preparing career-ready students who can “identify and articulate their knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and other characteristics as relevant to desired career goals; and explore identify, and address areas necessary for professional growth and success.” It is important for us as instructors to reflect on … Continue reading Using Social-Emotional Learning to Improve Student Career Readiness