College is Just the Place for Transformative Experiences

Transformative Experiences are one of the pillars of USC Upstate's Inclusive Pedagogy Framework - and for good reason. Attending college, like other big moments of transition in our lives, is full of exciting and nerve-racking opportunities for learners everywhere to give an emphatic or shaky yes! to the newness of people, places, and ideas. But … Continue reading College is Just the Place for Transformative Experiences

Formative Assessment Cycle: Gather evidence in quizzes, observations, self-assessments; Evaluate Progress and interpret growth; Provide Feedback that is timely, specific, and meaningful; Adjust Process to update activities, add/remove checkpoints to improve the quality of evidence of progress

Formative Assessment and Success-Oriented Feedback

Formative assessment is often discussed in K-12 settings as a standard and expected part of curriculum delivery. In higher education, however, conversations about formative assessment have been somewhat more elusive. Traditionally, we rely on the high-stakes midterm, project, paper, final model which leaves little room for formative assessment that can foster growth. Using formative assessments … Continue reading Formative Assessment and Success-Oriented Feedback

SIX THINKING HATS Increase interaction in group work and discussions by asking students to investigate a situation from a different perspective. Hats represent roles for leader, thinking/logic, feeling, creativity, positivity, and cautious

Group Work and Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a well-established high-impact practice (HIPs). According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, collaborative learning has two main goals: the first is to have students work together to solve problems or find solutions. And the second is for students to gain access to perspectives, experiences, and information they may have not … Continue reading Group Work and Collaborative Learning

That’s a Wrap! Using Exam Wrappers to Encourage Reflection

Image from "Five Ways to Boost Metacognition in the Classroom" by J. Spencer (2013) By Jennifer Bland Have you ever been curious about how much your students are studying for exams, what material they are studying, and how they are preparing for exams?  Exam Wrappers are one way for you to gather this information from … Continue reading That’s a Wrap! Using Exam Wrappers to Encourage Reflection

sound + images = voicethread

What’s New in VoiceThread?

Image from Kenter (2019) "Rediscover VoiceThread" By Jennifer Bland Are you looking for a way to engage students in your online and hybrid courses?  Look no further than VoiceThread!  VoiceThread is an interactive presentation tool that is available as an integrated tool in Blackboard. It will allow you and your students to create presentations with … Continue reading What’s New in VoiceThread?

word cloud that says various reference to the need for soft skills

Active Learning and Career Competencies

Image from  By Jennifer Bland College graduates become community leaders and leaders in their professions. They take on roles where they make independent decisions and create new solutions. They transform coursework and textbook knowledge into lifelong dreams. Active learning strategies can be an important way to give students practice with the professional roles they'll take … Continue reading Active Learning and Career Competencies