various accessibility symbols

Providing Accessible Documents

Accessibility Symbols from Respaut (2018) How Designing for Accessibility Will Improve User Experience (Part 2) By Kristen Stevenson There are several simple steps that you can take to ensure course content is accessible to all students, regardless of need or preference. While you may need to remind yourself of these steps at first, it is … Continue reading Providing Accessible Documents

The Myth of the Digital Native

Image from "The Myths of the Digital Native" by C. Flathery (2015) By Toni DiMella We’ve all heard the claims. Today’s students are tech-savvy with a short attention span and need to experience content in multiple ways, often simultaneously. Those born after 1984 have never known the world without technology. They grew up on Nintendo, … Continue reading The Myth of the Digital Native

Screenshot of Do Not Disturb turned on on an iphone

Using Technology Wisely: The New Tech “Normal”

Image from Ars Technia's "How to make the best of iOS6's Do Not Disturb Feature" By Kristen Stevenson We are reminded everywhere we turn that these are not, well, normal times. It’s broadcast from the rooftops, on media and social media, in journal articles, and in conversations. We don’t need reminders to know that education … Continue reading Using Technology Wisely: The New Tech “Normal”