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The following professional development opportunities are now available in the CAIFS PD Blackboard course in the Pre-Recorded Workshops and Webinars folder. Complete the participations activity (contribute to Wakelet, complete short quiz, etc.) to participate in professional development on your own time.

Fall Faculty Day: Reimagine Course Design Using Inclusive and Emancipatory Practices

Watch Drs. Siobahn Day and Racheal Brooks Fall Faculty Day workshop, Reimagine Course Design Using Inclusive and Emancipatory Practices. Day Grady and Brooks are authors of the Quality Matters (QM) white paper, Course Design Considerations for Inclusion and Representation, and presenters in the QM Research Webinar series. Their novel psychosocial framework for course design focuses on power and empowerment, validation, engagement, and emancipating learners and instructors from the systems that erect barriers to learning and success.

Blackboard Organization Basics for Web-Enabled and Hybrid Courses

Learn how to create clear, consistent Blackboard courses that are easy to navigate! Course organization is a significant factor in determining student satisfaction and perceived student learning in online courses (Gray and DiLoreto, 2016). Our organizational choices are not arbitrary or purely logistical; they are rooted in core educational values of adaptability, connection, and equity (CoLab). Watch the recording of this workshop to turn the theory into meaningful practice in your own courses.