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HyFlex: Choose Your Own Attendance!

Image created using Canva.com and BlackIllustrations.com By Jennifer Bland Have you heard the word HyFlex recently? While the idea of HyFlex courses is not new, they have gained traction in the nationwide post-COVID enrollment slump.  HyFlex courses provide the greatest flexibility for students by allowing students to attend face-to-face, synchronously via a scheduled virtual meeting, or … Continue reading HyFlex: Choose Your Own Attendance!

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Name Pronunciations and Pronouns Available in Blackboard Courses

By Celena Kusch We know how important it is for us to be the ones who determine how we would like to be recognized and addressed by name, and we are happy to announce that name pronunciation and pronoun features are now available in Blackboard. Pronouns and names help us to acknowledge and demonstrate respect … Continue reading Name Pronunciations and Pronouns Available in Blackboard Courses

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What’s New in VoiceThread?

Image from Kenter (2019) "Rediscover VoiceThread" By Jennifer Bland Are you looking for a way to engage students in your online and hybrid courses?  Look no further than VoiceThread!  VoiceThread is an interactive presentation tool that is available as an integrated tool in Blackboard. It will allow you and your students to create presentations with … Continue reading What’s New in VoiceThread?